BGPlay widget
What is BGPlay.js?
BGPlay.js is a pure JavaScript open-source framework that simplifies the creation of tools for the visualization of evolving data. The visualization is based on animated and highly interactive graphs. Each tool based on BGPlay.js is an instance of the framework with a particular set of modules. Modules provide functionalities or representations enriching the user experience and simplifying the data analysis.

Tools based on BGPlay.js
BGPlay BGP visualization
BGPlay is a tool which displays animated and interactive graphs of the interdomain routing activity in Internet of a certain prefix within a specified time interval.
BGPlay3D BGP visualization
BGPlay3D is a variant of BGPlay offering a 3D alternative visualization with respect to the traditional 2D one.
TPlay Traceroutes visualization
TPlay allows to look at the network at different abstraction levels and to animate the evolution of the network.